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Indie Film Making: Making an Indie Film Work
First time film makers face a wide range of challenges when it comes to the films that they intend to produce. The most common challenges usually include the budget and the actors. For most amateur film makers, the budget is very low and the actors are the not the A-listers. Thus, what must you do if you have no budget and non-professional actors for your film? The answer is you embrace the whole indie film making genre and philosophy. Indie films are often comprised of neo-realism and docudrama film making. If you do not have enough budget to spend on fancy cameras and special effects, you should not go beyond what you can afford. Take, for example, if you are making a church film, you should explore making a mission docudrama that is made of black and white colors. You see a lot of docudramas in the past and in the present that have achieved success from reality TV shows, sit-coms, as well as films.
Peter Spann Indie film making has come a long way. Indie films basically started as non-fiction documentaries. However, as the times have passed, fiction cinema has decided to combine with non-fictional cinematography. A lot of film makers make sure to make their film language much more simplified and more understandable.
If you are thinking of starting an indie film, you may learn from past indie films that have been produced and have gained popularity across the world. For instance, indie films have started flourishing in 1999 where both life and art meet. One of the well-known techniques of indie films that seem to work is the use of the properties of Hi8 or simply put a shaky camera. Such a technique as the original neo-realists is capable of creating fragments of reality. This even entices the audience to piece these fragments together. For instance, the use of shaky cams has the power to jerk the subject outside and inside of the frame. it allows some shift of focus in and out. Furthermore, it uses long successive handheld shots. Such a particular style of indie film making makes use of intimacy and immediacy. Know more about video production at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/my-video-production-company_b_5055308.html.
After you are set with your indie film and have done with its production, what do you do next? Basically, in indie Peter Spann Film, you proceed in doing low budget marketing like how you produced your indie film. When it comes to indie films, it would be a good call to have your film produced on DVD. You should be able to do some edits of your film to make it shorter and then utilize the budget that you have left on networking, book formats, and film festivals.